4. International Biocidal Congress


Turkish Textile and Ready-Made Garment articles are some of the most competitive products that are exported all over the world.

Ready-made garment sector is the second largest industry in terms of export size, right after the automotive industry.

Knitted outerwear products are holding their own as the dominant product group in Turkish ready-made garment export.

For ready-made garment products, which are on the top row from an added-value perspective, it is important to be in harmony with human health and environment.

Considering the fact that most of the exports are directed towards Europe, EU-Turkey harmony is an key issue that has to be taken into account. One way of increasing the volume of our markets is to mitigate the hazards to the human health and the environment, in addition to the required technical specifications.

The European Parliament and Council Directive of 22 May 2012 concerning the making available on the market and use of biocidal products is regulating the introduction and the use of biocidal products in the European Union domestic market.

Products that are probable to be used in manufacturing and storage of biocidal products that are in the scope of this directive are defined.

Among these are the biocidal products that are incorporated into textile products and fibers as a disinfectant and used in protecting leather products in order to control microbiological deterioration.

Because of this requirement; functions of the textile products has to be assessed thoroughly. A set of changes in the labeling of textile products are required.

Manufactured textile products, primarily, have to be evaluated with regard to having a biocidal function.

They have to meet the requirements for the labeling of manufactured textile products that have no biocidal feature.

Manufactured textile products with biocidal features has to evaluated for the priority of the biocidal function. Manufactured goods with a biocidal function are considered a biocidal product if biocidal function is considered a priority among other features; it has to meet the requirements for the biocidal products.

Whether the manufactured textile products are in the biocidal product category and have a primary biocidal function have to be checked by manufactuerers at the beginning of manufacturing processes; special care should be given to meeting all the requirements in order to be in compliance with the biocidal products regulation.

According to Biocidal Products Regulation, with the active ingredient of the biocidal product being in the active substances list in the directive, the active ingredient has to be appropriate for that active substance's area of usage. For example; while ethanol can be used as an active substance in products related to human health, formaldeyhde is not suitable for use in this range of products because of the harmful effects on the human health.